Job Summary
Company Name
Internal Audit
Internal Audit Manager
About the Business & Position Overview
Job Profile
Key Responsibilities
1. Audit Process (Pre-planning, execution and follow up) 2. Audit Areas (Branch / Factory / Commercial / Non-Operating Areas Audit)
3. Type of Audit (Operational, Conformance, Investigative and Management)
Job Description
The incumbent would be responsible for:
1. Type of audit (Operational, Conformance, Investigative and Management)
2. Conducting a methods study of all activities of the locations being audited and suggest improvements
3. Using PC as a tool of audit to improve the areas of coverage
4. Assessing adequacy and correctness of accounting records
5. Carrying out adhoc reviews to investigate any area identified
6. Checking the processes and ensure that internal controls systems are adequate
7. Ensuring proper segregation of duties and study the adequacy of the same
8. Ensuring compliance to various statutes applicable, accounting standards and also compliance with the company procedures and policies laid down
9. Identifying non-value added activities
10. Ensuring that audit findings are correctly and factually reported 11. Providing inputs for improvements in internal control systems, processes, avenues for cost savings and profit maximization
12. Ensuring that the report is concise and should convey the observations and create the desired impact on the reader
13. Constant written follow up with auditees for implementation of audit suggestions
14. Ensuring periodic meetings with the auditees
15. Reporting periodically the implementation of the audit suggestions, and summarize the implementation status
16. Recording the reasons for non-implementation wherever applicable 17. Preparing work papers during audit activity
18. Documenting process flow chart, collecting and filing relevant policies and procedures
19. Maintaining copies of all query sheets
20. Documenting how the query has been resolved
21. Having proper referencing with all documents and audit point
22. Assisting in preparing the audit check list and internal control check list and to update the audit check list and internal control check list periodically
23. Filing properly all documents and work papers for easy retrieval in future
24. Analysis of control flow charts for key business processes and critical parts of key processes, with a view to identify weaknesses 25. Efficiency of use of resources, duplication of work, adequacy of control procedures

Qualification Details
Essential Qualification: Chartered Accountant
Preferred Qualification: --
Experience Details
Essential Experience: 2 - 3 years of work experience
Preferred Experience: --
Special Skill
Essential : - Interpersonal skills - Analytical skills - Communication skills (written and verbal) - Conflict management
Preferred : - Knowledge of ERP