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Ref. No. Division Function Designation Location
   Corporate Finance Department  Finance  Manager - Corporate Finance  Vikhroli, Mumbai
   Godrej Process Equipment  Quality  SR EXE- QA/QC-NDE- Dahej  Dahej Location
   Godrej Locking Solutions and Systems  Marketing  Senior Executive/Assistant Manager - Institutional Marketing  Vikhroli, Mumbai
   Godrej Appliances  Sales  Sr. Executive / Asst. Manager - Channel Sales - Ranchi  Ranchi
   Godrej Appliances  Marketing  Zonal Trainer - Bangalore  Bangalore
   Godrej Appliances  Marketing  Zonal Trainer - Hyderabad  Hyderabad
   Godrej Material Handling  Service  Sr. Officer - Service (Chennai)  Chennai
   Godrej Interio  Sales  B2C VFD - Store Chief (Pune)  Pune
   Godrej Interio  Sales  BTL - PL4  Vikhroli, Mumbai
 10   Godrej Interio  Marketing  Sr. Exec/Asst. Manager - ECommerce-Content Management (Mumbai)  Vikhroli, Mumbai
 11   Godrej Interio  Marketing  Manager - ECommerce- Digital Marketing (Mumbai)  Vikhroli, Mumbai
 12   Godrej Interio  Sales  Manager - AV-KAM Sales (Kolkata)  Kolkata
 13   Godrej Interio  Sales  B2C CRE - PL4  Vikhroli, Mumbai
 14   Godrej Interio  Sales  CRE - Raipur  Raipur
 15   Godrej Interio  Materials  Sr. Exec/Asst. Manager - Mattress (Traded) & Sofa Manufactured  Vikhroli, Mumbai
 16   Godrej Interio  Research & Development  Sr. Exec/Asst. Manager - Engg - NPI - Technocommercial  Vikhroli, Mumbai
 17   Godrej Interio  Research & Development  Sr. Exec/Asst. Manager - NPI Engineering/Script  Vikhroli, Mumbai
 18   Godrej Interio  Research & Development  Sr. Exec/Asst. Manager - Healthcare & Desking  Vikhroli, Mumbai
 19   Godrej Material Handling  Manufacturing  Sr. Executive - Manufacturing (Axle Transmission and Hydraulics)  Vikhroli, Mumbai
 20   Internal Audit  Audit  Internal Audit Manager  Mumbai
 21   Godrej Material Handling  Service  Senior Exec/ Assistant Manager - Service  Bhubaneshwar
 22   Godrej Aerospace  Manufacturing  Methods Engineer (Surface Treatment)  Aerospace at Plant-4
 23   Godrej Locking Solutions and Systems  Sales  Senior Exec/ Assistant Manager - Retail Sales  Vikhroli, Mumbai
 24   Godrej Security Solutions  Service  Sr. Exec/Asst. Manager - Service  PATNA
 25   Godrej Security Solutions  Sales  Sr. Exec/Asst. Manager - B2C Sales  COCHIN
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